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October 1, 2019

6.5 Seconds

Bills QB Josh Allen held the ball for 6.5 seconds in the pocket on Sunday, then promptly got sacked. Don't think 6.5 seconds is a lot of time? Sure it is, and we prove it by chugging 4 beers in 26 seconds (6.5 seconds each). We also review Who Wore it Better, Rex Ryan in his hissy fight with Browns QB Baker Mayfield, or Panthers QB Kyle Allen and his shade thrown at Cam Newton. Plus we debate why the referees suck so much when trying to protect players from egregious hits to the head.  And we debut arguably the greatest segment in podcast history, NFL Confessions.

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September 24, 2019

Young Guns

The NFL has a great crop of young quarterbacks, like Daniel Jones, Josh Allen, Gardner Minshew and Kyle Allen. But which one has the most substance and would also look the best in a porn moustache? Plus Tom Brady has been exerting his influence over NFL referees since 2001. We investigate in NFL Conspiracies. And we introduce a new segment called WTF where we try to understand how Matt Ryan and the Falcons lost to the Colts despite Ryan's 29-34 305 yard 3 TD performance. 

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August 29, 2019

Indy is outta Luck

We drink the Colts Stampede Cocktail and discuss what was a bigger retirement shock to the NFL, Andrew Luck or Barry Sanders? Plus we have some suggestion how the NFL can radically improve preseason football. We comment on Tom Brady's latest fashion choice (i.e. big dumb hat) and Christian McCaffrey discovers he's black while playing Madden football. 

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July 30, 2019

You’ve Got Stats!

Our last episode before we start doing LIVE VIDEO shows on August 12. Training Camp has begun and Antonio Brown and Jalen Ramsey found a way to make it all about themselves. Plus lots of big names on different teams this year. What's the hardest one to wrap your head around? The Patriots held a press conference to say nothing at all, we tell you which NFL player we'd like to spend a year with on a deserted island and we give you our biggest no brainers that will happen in the NFL this upcoming season. Plus, Stats Guy really comes into his own with some unique stats. 

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If the Chargers win a Super Bowl like USA Today predicts, will anyone in LA actually know? Plus Brett Favre says he sees himself in Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes, but what exactly is he seeing? We have some theories. Le'Veon Bell goes on social media to rip social media, and did Golden Tate find a backhanded way to motivate Nick Foles? 

Plus we announce our world premiere of our LIVE Blitzed Football show. August 12, 2019.

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We're just three weeks away from our first ever LIVE video episode of Blitzed. This week we debate which NFL player we'd like to golf with (spoiler alert: it ain't Tony Romo). Plus, what changes would you like to see in the NFL before the season starts? We have some great suggestions. We also talk about a new wrinkle in the proposed 18 game schedule and we discuss divisional realignment with one of our Blitzed Insiders, Sonja Greenfield. 

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July 9, 2019

Mayfield to the Pats?

Mark Wahlberg recently told TMZ that he believes Baker Mayfield will wind up on the Patriots. He also thought Transformers would win the Oscar. Plus we name a craft beer for the story of the 2019 NFL season. Tom Brady just posted a faster 40 yard dash than when he was in his 20s. Should we respect him now. And ESPN claims five NFL teams are stuck in neutral, the Broncos, Lions, Titans, Buccaneers and Raiders. We tell you which ones are in Drive and which ones are in Reverse.

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If Cam Newton offered you $1,500 for your airline seat in Coach, would you take it? Plus, during your last three way, did you leave out a $1 Million for someone to steal like Le'Veon Bell? Tom Brady's looking for a nickname to trademark. We have some suggestions. Gerald McCoy is pissed at the Bucs for giving away his number. Does anyone care? We also comment on the new Pass Interference replay challenge and we welcome our new on-air producer, Clippy to the team.

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Is Aaron Rodgers the worst beer drinker of all time? Plus would you be worried if one of your teammates chose OJ Simpson's number 32? Chris Long and Adam 'Pacman' Jones just retired from the NFL. One of them built wells in Africa and the other one once spent $1 Million in a single weekend in Vegas. Which feat is more impressive?

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We kick off our third season with a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT. Plus we'll tell you who we really want to see on Hard Knocks this year. And is Tim Tebow going to play in the XFL? He'd be crazy not to, right? All that, plus what does it take to get your number retired in Washington?

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