We get drunk and talk about the NFL. ​


The guys unearth an NFL Conspiracy about the Dallas Cowboys that will blow your mind. Plus, how do you think Aaron Rodgers feels about Tom Brady getting new weapons every week? And Coach answers some real doozies this week in Coach Questions.

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October 20, 2020

Overtime is broken

Coach and Stats debate the merits of overtime in the NFL. Plus who had the worst day and best day in Week 6? Finally, we tell you what the biggest surprise is in the NFL this year. 

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October 6, 2020

Texans, Lions and Ferrets

The guys talk about what's next for Texans fans now that Coach and GM Bill O'Brien has been let go. Plus, Lions Coach Matt Patricia set an NFL record on Sunday! And teams are finding value with low cost running backs. What other positions could NFL teams save money? And finally, Coach fields your questions in our popular, highly dubious new segment Coach Questions

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In this episode the guys speculate why so many big stars are going down this NFL season. Plus we debut a new segment called Coach Questions where a real football coach answers listeners questions. All that, plus two new NFL Conspiracies have been revealed. Are they true? Only the Blitzed crew knows for sure. 

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September 9, 2020

The Boys Are Back

After a six month hiatus, the Blitzed crew is back in the studio to give you their predictions for the 2020 NFL Season. Plus, what does Tom Brady think of Bill Belichick being so nice to Cam Newton? And we take confession on behalf of NFL players, coaches and fans. 

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March 24, 2020

Offseason Madness

In our fourth season kickoff episode we debate which fanbase will turn on their prized free agent signing first? Plus we dig into the madness of the DeAndre Hopkins trade to the Arizona Cardinals. And how far do you think Tom Brady would go to ensure he got Chris Godwin's #12 Jersey number in Tampa? 

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March 3, 2020

Coronas at the Combine

Shirking medical advice, the guys drink Corona beer and talk about how useful the NFL Combine really is. Plus now that CBS has wrapped up Tony Romo, which current or former player would you tune in to see do color on Monday Night Football on ESPN? The guys also share their thoughts about why the new CBA will get ratified by players and why only the dumbest GMs in the NFL would offer Tom Brady a deal.  

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October 22, 2019

Only One Stat Matters

Want to know if your NFL team is any good? We reveal the only statistic that matters. Plus, are you pissed about the amount of penalties being called this season? Get used to it, as we uncover the biggest NFL conspiracy yet. And what do you think goes through Mike McCarthy's head when watching the new look Packers tear up the NFC North? Plus we review the Midnight Cowboy Cocktail.

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October 1, 2019

6.5 Seconds

Bills QB Josh Allen held the ball for 6.5 seconds in the pocket on Sunday, then promptly got sacked. Don't think 6.5 seconds is a lot of time? Sure it is, and we prove it by chugging 4 beers in 26 seconds (6.5 seconds each). We also review Who Wore it Better, Rex Ryan in his hissy fight with Browns QB Baker Mayfield, or Panthers QB Kyle Allen and his shade thrown at Cam Newton. Plus we debate why the referees suck so much when trying to protect players from egregious hits to the head.  And we debut arguably the greatest segment in podcast history, NFL Confessions.

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September 24, 2019

Young Guns

The NFL has a great crop of young quarterbacks, like Daniel Jones, Josh Allen, Gardner Minshew and Kyle Allen. But which one has the most substance and would also look the best in a porn moustache? Plus Tom Brady has been exerting his influence over NFL referees since 2001. We investigate in NFL Conspiracies. And we introduce a new segment called WTF where we try to understand how Matt Ryan and the Falcons lost to the Colts despite Ryan's 29-34 305 yard 3 TD performance. 

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